20 Feb

[Source: Men’s Health] Where: Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, Porcelain Hotel, 50 Mosque Street, Tel: 6536-1661, www.huangahma.com What: Oriental Wellness Menu, 120 minutes, consisting of a 15-minute Chinese herbal foot bath, a 45-minute acupoint massage and 60-minute healing massage, plus a serving of bird’s nest. She Says: As far as authentic Chinese rubs […]

[Source: Beauty Cosmedica] The healing of royalty anguished my senses as graceful Cheong Sam-dressed receptionists welcomed me into Huang Ah Ma. Named after the Manchurian traditional expression for “Royal Father”, this 2,200 square feet oriental palace aims to enhance the historical and cultural essence at the very place it sits on – the heart of […]

[Source: CLEO] The Oriental Heat Compress with full body massage, $280 for 90 minutes, is ideal for those who often suffer from rheumatism and poor blood circulation. Asian herbs’re bundled into a compress, to massage and warm your body, dispel wind and aid blood circulation. “I love hard massages and this deep one eased the […]

[Source: The Official Singapore Guide & Map] To experience Oriental-themed treatments, some of which use traditional Chinese ingredients such as red dates, bird’s nest and pearl powder, head for Huang Ah Ma – The Oriental Spa Chamber (Porcelain Hotel, 50 Mosque Street). Some of the treatments also use semi-precious stones like pearl and jade as […]

[Source: unearthingasia.com] A charming new hotel is now open in the heart of Singapore’s historic Chinatown precint. Combining a fascinating European 1930’s styled facade with modern contemporary interiors, the Porcelain Hotel also features a signature spa – Huang Ah Ma, which has Eastern-inspired massage treatments. Unearthing Asia chatted with Ms Wendy Ho, the CEO of […]

[Source: Her World] From its location in touristy Chinatown to its name (which means “Royal Father” in the ancient Manchu language), you would think Huang Ah Ma – The Oriental Spa Chamber is for sightseers. But it’s really a retreat for aching shoulders and sore backs. The spa is owned by homegrown wellness chain Mary […]