[Source: GLOW Magazine] Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber is located within the beautiful Porcelain Hotel, and conveniently stays open till 3am so you can even head there right after a dinner party. After a season of feasting, you’ll want to try their latest treatment – TCM Meridian Gua Sha Slimming, this therapy makes […]

[Source: Lian He Zao Bao] Join us this Saturday (15 Nov 2014) at SAFRA Jurong, Evergreen Room 1 – 4, Level 3, 2pm to 5pm for an enriching afternoon with 潘秀霞老师 and 蒋炎频老师! Registration fee is at $12 per pax, inclusive of an attractive goodie bag over $40. Call 6536 1661 to book or to […]

[Source from herworldplus.com] Tired legs? You need a porcelain soup spoon. The limited edition Porcelain Guasha Foot Therapy ($98 for 75 min) at Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber uses it to soothe muscles and aid blood circulation. Available till the end of October, the treatment celebrates the local spa’s first anniversary. Gusha means […]

15 Aug

[Source: NEXT] Rachel Chan tries Porcelain Gua Sha Foot Therapy at Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber. Foot reflexology, as the therapist explains, is an age-old alternative treatment to relieve tension and promote blood circulation. After a 10-minute soak and massage, the reflexologist used the edge of the spoon to press and rub my […]

[Source: Latest BUZZ] For: Tired, aching feet and calves from wearing heels. How: The session starts with a 15-minute herbal foot soak. Feet are then slathered with a moisturising cream and each is given a 10-minute reflexology massage, with extra attention paid to the arch, ankles and joints of the big toes – areas most […]

[Source: Simply Her] Set in a cosy, oriental-themed spa, this is recommended for those with cold hands and feet, rheumatism and sluggish blood circulation. The firm acupressure massage may leave you with aching back muscles the next day, but you’ll be glad to say goodbye to the muscle tension.

20 Feb

[Source: Men’s Health] Where: Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, Porcelain Hotel, 50 Mosque Street, Tel: 6536-1661, www.huangahma.com What: Oriental Wellness Menu, 120 minutes, consisting of a 15-minute Chinese herbal foot bath, a 45-minute acupoint massage and 60-minute healing massage, plus a serving of bird’s nest. She Says: As far as authentic Chinese rubs […]