15 Aug

[Source: NEXT]

Rachel Chan tries Porcelain Gua Sha Foot Therapy at Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber.

Foot reflexology, as the therapist explains, is an age-old alternative treatment to relieve tension and promote blood circulation.

After a 10-minute soak and massage, the reflexologist used the edge of the spoon to press and rub my soles and thighs. This procedure (Guasha) is supposed to redistribute clogged blood cells and energise me.

First times might experience slight discomfort and even feel ticklish if they are not used to having their feet massaged. My feet ached a little (supposedly an after-effect) but I felt more relaxed after the session and enjoyed deep sleep that night.

Available from now till end October – indulge in a 75-min sole therapy for $98.