[Source: Latest BUZZ]

For: Tired, aching feet and calves from wearing heels.

How: The session starts with a 15-minute herbal foot soak. Feet are then slathered with a moisturising cream and each is given a 10-minute reflexology massage, with extra attention paid to the arch, ankles and joints of the big toes – areas most affected by high heels. Therapists vary the pressure, depending on your pain threshold. Calves, ankles and feet are then scraped using a porcelain gua sha ban, which resembles a small soup spoon. This supposedly promotes better blood circulation and reduces pain from tense muscles.

Verdict: The reflexology massage is deeply relazing, but the scraping is painful and left behind faint red marks. However, any soreness from high heels is replaced by a warm, pleasant “buzz”.

Where & Price: Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, tel: 6536-1661, $78