20 Feb

[Source: Men’s Health]

Where: Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, Porcelain Hotel, 50 Mosque Street, Tel: 6536-1661, www.huangahma.com

What: Oriental Wellness Menu, 120 minutes, consisting of a 15-minute Chinese herbal foot bath, a 45-minute acupoint massage and 60-minute healing massage, plus a serving of bird’s nest.

She Says: As far as authentic Chinese rubs go, this is one of the best. It’s amazing how the reflexologists can accurately identity your ailments by your responses so the massaging of different parts of your body. What’s more, the health tips they offer are very useful. The traditional and tranqull ambience is extremely relazing, and the setting in the couples’ room really works well to put us in a romantic (rven kinky) mood. There’s even yummy bird’s nest soup at the end of the session.

How Much: $198 per person.