[Source from herworldplus.com]

Tired legs? You need a porcelain soup spoon. The limited edition Porcelain Guasha Foot Therapy ($98 for 75 min) at Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber uses it to soothe muscles and aid blood circulation. Available till the end of October, the treatment celebrates the local spa’s first anniversary.

Gusha means “scrape until you see red bumps on skin” in Mandarin. It’s a traditional healing method apparently dating from the Tang Dynasty and today remains a go-to for boosting energy or relieving tense muscles.

First, a hot foot bath – surprisingly comforting even on a 32 deg C afternoon. My therapist then did a firm and invigorating hour-long foot and leg massage before she whipped out her trusty porcelain spoon which resembled a posh shoe horn. She stroke its smooth edges against my calves and feet for about 15 minutes.

You get a bizzare but strangely enjoyable sensation – between mild pain and itchy tingling. Apparently, the more vivid red patches appearing on your skin, the more you need guasha help. Although I saw only faint reddish “streaks” on my legs (yay that means I’m healthy). I’m booking a return – just for the shiok factor.

– Pearlyn Tham (senior fashions and beauty editor)